Monday, October 29, 2012

Maine Vacation 2012

Lynn posted most of the following on Facebook a couple of days ago.  I post this for those who don't frequent Facebook.  We spent a few days in Maine in October with our friends Heidi and Jonathan.  
- Patrick

With Heidi and Jonathan near Camden.

The view from the men's room at Cellardoor Winery.  Always bring your camera into the men's room.  You just never know.

I left out the cute one of me and Jonathan.

Camden harbor.

Heidi and Jonathan at Rockland Breakwater Light.

Sampling olive oil in Rockland.


Rockland Breakwater Light from a sailboat.

Owl's Head Light.

Looking back toward Rockland from Owl's Head.

During a stopover in Boston.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Milestones and failures

 A milestone occurred last week in Adeline's life.  Her first day of kindergarten!!!  It is only half-day (and we opted for afternoon), so it is the perfect break in our day.  Adeline LOVES it.....her favorites seem to be snack, recess, and the bus ride home.  That's my girl!

Now I'm going to tell you how I failed my first kindergarten homework assignment.  Seriously.  In Adeline's class, they have "Leader Day."  When it is your turn to be the leader, you get special privileges (like being first in line).  They go alphabetically through the list of kids and then start again, all through the year.  So, when your name is "Adeline," you apparently get to go first.
For their first leader day, the teacher sent home a scrapbook of sorts.  There is a page to put pictures of your family, artwork, etc.  On the facing page, you answer a few questions about the people in your family, what you like to do, and what makes you excited about kindergarten.  Her teacher and student teacher did the first two spreads about themselves as an example.  Of course, being the scrapbook enthusiast that I am, and considering I had a bunch of extra pictures lying around from our recent family photo shoot, I dove right into this project.  I wanted Adeline to be involved, so I had her write her own name on the name line and the names of all her family pink of course, since that's her favorite color.  I asked her the other two questions and dutifully wrote down everything she said including "hanging my backpack on the hook," and didn't add anything of my own like "learning to read" (which apparently is completely overrated).  We did a few other decorations, and then I labeled our family pictures.....with a black sharpie.  Do you see where this is going?  It bled through to the student teacher's page.  Epic fail.  Of COURSE we had to do the first entry so the book will go home with everyotherkidinherclass.  Sweet.  At least it was the teacher and not some poor 5 yr old.   So that's why they sent home crayons and a pencil....

Sorry, Mrs Crush, we'll do better next time...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When the boy goes with his father for a haircut...

...and he is given complete creative freedom from the mommy....

said boy will go from this....

Note the curls...



Lord Jesus, please help his curls to come back....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday

(reading to Adeline the story of the Israelites coming out of Egypt)
A:  And if there's no pillar of cloud or fire, then they just use maps.
C:  Goliath was there before the cloud and the fire.


Me:  Adeline, God gave you such a pretty voice.  I hope you use your voice to glorify Him.  Maybe you can sing in the children's choir someday, just like your daddy sings in the choir at church.
A:  Daddy, you don't have a pretty voice though.  You have a handsome voice.


A:  So, mommy, when you're a grandma, I'll be big and strong like a mommy?

A:  Mommy, my name is Rapunzel.......(a little later).....when you call Rapunzel, I FEEL like Rapunzel.


C:  "God doesn't get boo boos."

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Pictures

I'm really not sure how I feel about blogging right now.  There is a small part of me that misses it, but a larger part of me that does not want to spend the time or mental energy to get thoughts that are longer than a status update written down.  I am probably not going to be blogging on a regular basis anytime soon, but I know I need to post some more recent pictures of the kids.  Easter was a great chance to take some to share.  Grandparents (and anyone else who may actually still be reading this), enjoy...

You can barely see it here, but Nat's wearing a tie.  It's ridiculous.

We hosted Easter dinner at our house.  My parents and sister were here along with my Aunt Shirley and Uncle John, and my grandfather.  The men are missing for this impromptu picture.

Eater baskets from grandma!!!

Aunt Lisa and Nathaniel both adore each other.  It is sweet to see.